Dexinrong Trade

Tangshan Dexinrong Trade Co., Ltd. was established on July 11, 2022, and its registered place is located in Hebei Yutian Economic Development Zone, Yutian County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Its legal representative is Hu Jinyue. The business scope includes general items: sales of metal products; Sales of metal materials; Sales of non-metallic minerals and products; Sales of new metal functional materials; Metal ore sales; Sales of surface functional materials; Sales of high-quality synthetic rubber; Sales of graphene materials; Sales of machinery and equipment; Wholesale of hardware products; Wholesale of motorcycles and spare parts; Wholesale of electronic components; Wholesale of bicycles and spare parts; Sales of daily necessities; Wholesale of daily necessities; Sales of spare parts of household appliances; Sales of power exchange facilities for new energy vehicles; Sales of high-performance fiber and composite materials; Sales of high-performance non-ferrous metals and alloy materials; Sales of high-quality special steel materials; Sales of building materials; Sales of rubber products; Wholesale of auto parts; Sales of railway transport equipment; Sales of molding materials for casting; Sales of new energy vehicles; Import and export of goods.